Pencil case - There, their, they're

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A make up bag or pencil case that is the truth for a lot of us!!

Perfect for a grammar Nazi or a fun gift idea! (Gee I better make sure i double check this listing lol!)

Pictured in glitter mermaid blue and Sea glass but feel free to change the colour/s to suit yourself! See colour charts for your options!

Natural canvas or Black

This design is only available in the large size due to font sizing

Large: 26cm x 20cm x 7.5cm (has a bottom and can be stood up)


All measurements are the width (or length) of the actual top (UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE). I recommend finding a top of your own that is a similar fit, lying it flat and measuring across the width (just under the underarm hole!) compare this measurement to the chart. For the length, same deal, just measure from the shoulder seam to the bottom hem.

Stock Items - The majority of the following styles are available in stock in most of the colours/sizes, ready to be personalised and shipped within 10 working days. Sometimes, however, out of stocks will occur. I will always be in contact if there is a longer than normal wait time. 


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