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If you're a new dog parent, like me, you might be on the search for some cute milestone disks to use in your 5000 photos a day for your new puppy or pet! (Just me, or is your camera roll full too?!)

This pack includes 10 removable/reusable wall decals to stick onto one of the 2 x 15cm included wooden disks. Just change them over depending on what you need to take a photo of! They could also be stuck onto to a wall or other smooth surface as they come on and off with no damage!

I've included one disk with holes, so that you can attach some string or ribbon to pop the disk around their neck for easier photography! (not included, because you might need different lengths depending on the size of your creature!)

Included decals:

  • Hi there I'm (pets name can be printed on, if you know it already, OR you can have this blank and write on the name in sharpie when you get it!)
  • It was an accident...
  • Gotcha Day
  • First Birthday
  • First Christmas
  • Bath Time
  • I was Bored...
  • I'm why we can't have nice things
  • I can sit
  • First Walkies

*colours may vary in print from what is seen on screen*

Please allow up to 10 working days for your set to be custom printed in South Australia and then shipped to you.


All measurements are the width (or length) of the actual top (UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE). I recommend finding a top of your own that is a similar fit, lying it flat and measuring across the width (just under the underarm hole!) compare this measurement to the chart. For the length, same deal, just measure from the shoulder seam to the bottom hem.

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