I love the design you have on a top but can I get it on a wine cooler or a tote bag instead?

YES! Go wild! Please use the 'Contact' form and we will tell you what product to purchase and what instructions to give us at checkout!

I like a design, but I don't like the style tank you have it on. Can I get it on a different one?

YES! If it is another style I have listed on the website, absolutely! Just use the 'Contact' form and I will let you know what product to purchase and detailed instructions for checkout! If you have seen a specific style on my Facebook page, it may be available to order. Again, please contact me and I can advise you on the availability (special orders will have longer wait times).

You don't have the colour vinyl or top I'm after, can you get it?

Possibly! Contact me with your specifics and I can see what is available! This will add to the wait time.

Can you put my logo on a top?

Most probably! Email me at topsbytash@gmail.com or contact me through Facebook. Send me a file of your logo and I'll let you know if it's something I can do!